Spring Street Tenant Notice

To support continued investment and improvements at our facilities – as well as compensate for the high rate of inflation – we are adjusting our storage rates beginning February 2023.

Please review the new storage rates below and adjust your monthly payment accordingly.

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Our New Rates






Why the Change?

Each year, we evaluate our rates in the context of changing market dynamics as well as improvements we have made – and are planning to make at our facilities. This year we factored in the following changes:

Increased Rate of Inflation:

Beginning in late 2021, and continuing throughout 2022, inflation has become a persistent economic challenge.  Reaching a level of 9.1%, inflation this year has been 5x the rate we saw in 2019.  This change has had a meaningful impact on key operating costs.

Facility Enhancements:

Over the past 12 months we completed our access control conversion project across all facilities providing fully remote functionality and the ability to assist customers faster with first time access or troubleshooting.  Our Spring St and Durham St properties added more exterior LED lighting to provide better visibility and security.  In 2023 we’ll also be converting the upper level of the Bockman Way facility to LED lighting.

Looking Forward:

In addition to the improvements already planned for 2023 we continue to look ahead.  We’ve had several customers ask about camper, RV and boat storage.  In response, we’re working through the feasibility process to add this feature to our Durham St property in McMinnville.  We remain committed to raising the bar with both our facilities and our service; and we’re grateful you’ve chosen us, to protect what matters to you.  


The Security Max Team